I am a software developer with a PhD and background in Computational Statistics. I am interested in performant and reliable software. In other words, I make computers go brrr faster.

In hope of a better future, I dedicate my free time to Bitcoin-related projects. I contribute to the Rust Bitcoin ecosystem, particularly Bitcoin Dev Kit (BDK) and rust-bitcoin. I also work full-time at Portal on Bitcoin-backed smart contracts.

I am a faculty member at the Department of Computer Science at Universidade Nove de Julho (UNINOVE). I am also an ardent Bayesian.

I like Rust, Julia, Nix, and Vim.

I practice Stoic Philosophy daily.

I hate bloatware and the soydev phenomenon.

Everything that I do is either open source or has a permissive Creative Commons license.

I don’t have social media, since I think they are overrated and “they sell your data”. If you want to contact me, please send an email.

If you want to find out what’s recently on my mind, check out my blog.